Structured Around Quality Control

Our entire business is structured around quality control. We incorporate it in every aspect of our business. We start with the best equipment and measuring tools which are rigorously maintained and routinely checked for accuracy. Most dimensions or process are double checked and signed off by a QC supervisor. We are versed in SPC (Statistical Process Control) for determining the suitability of a machine or process to fabricate a customer’s parts and can use SPC data collection procedures for documenting critical dimensions or attributes of your parts. We have implemented these procedures as part of our continuous improvement philosophy. We are proud of our history of building quality parts with minimal rejects. We have received awards from two of our electronics customers for outstanding performance.

Material / Shearing

Sheet material is usually special electronic grade which has tolerances two times better than commercial standards. Small and medium volume part orders are sheared in our precision shear with 40" micrometer back gage. Maximum shear capacity is 10 Ga. cold rolled steel or .190 thick aluminum. For high volume parts we can order custom blank sizes directly from our metal suppliers to optimize material usage for lower part cost.


Our newest CNC punch is a Strippit 1250XP. Hit rates up to 330 per minute on 2" centers while holding a +/-.004 inch tolerance. Blank sizes of 50"x50" without reposition or 50"x100" with reposition are possible. It also has two auto index stations for programmable angle cuts with standard thick turret tools or a 30 station multi-tool. The ultra-high speed of this machine allows us to bid competitively. Our Wiedemann C1000 CNC punch is capable of 200 hits per minute on 1" centers in blank sizes of 40"x40" without reposition or 40"x80" with reposition and hold +/-.005 inch tolerance.


We have Hydro-mechanical and Hydraulic CNC press brakes. Capacities up to 55 tons and 6 1/2 feet of bend length while maintaining .0004 inch ram repeatability and 4 axis' of computer control allow us to bend complicated parts very quickly and accurately with minimal handling.

Hardware Insertion

Hardware is installed in one of our Haeger brand hardware insertion machines. All our hardware presses have auto-feed capability and we have a wide variety of tooling to fit most types of hardware. Large hardware requiring up to 8 tons of installation force is possible.


High quality welding of aluminum and steel is done with our 300 amp TIG welding machine with precision water cooled torches.


We have a small machine shop which includes a mill, lathe, surface grinder, and drill presses for in house tool and fixture making and maintenance of our own equipment.


We apply silk screen images in single or multi colors at our facility. This is another area where operator skill is paramount and we have people with over ten years experience in the field.